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Make March a Month of Green

St. Patrick’s Day brings visions of green – from four-leaf clovers to little green leprechauns. So why not continue that green theme in by planting a garden? Since we are lucky enough to live in Florida, planting a garden in March is absolutely doable.

vegetables growing in roof gardenBesides the green beans or green peppers, what else is green about planting a garden? First, plants improve air quality by filtering the air to remove airborne toxins. Plants release oxygen. Also, walking outside to pick fresh berries, fruit and vegetables instead of driving to the grocery store produces zero auto emissions and uses zero gallons of gas.

Make your garden even greener by collecting rain to water plants instead of watering from the hose. Growing some of your own vegetables and herbs also eliminates the energy and products used to package and transport foods to your table.

Along with the satisfaction that comes with the harvest, green gardening is also a good way to protect air quality, reduce waste and conserve resources.

Learn more easy actions for gardeners.

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