Florida, Dr. Oz and Easy As One

Florida, Dr. Oz and Easy As One

Evidently, Dr. Oz shares Easy As One goals and will be in Florida collecting expired medications. Camera crews will be in Tampa on August 17, 2011, at Curtis Hixon Park from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. filming. The crew is traveling to multiple cities and each city is going to get rid of something in order to be a healthier city. Tampa is going to get rid of expired medications. The reason will be explained by Dr. Oz on the show. Those attending the filming are encouraged to bring a bottle of expired medication to dispose of in the dump truck that will be on location, but everyone is welcome. The camera crew asks that participants wear plain or solid colored clothing. Logos will not be allowed on camera. If you want to participate in a special on camera message, apply here: http://www.doctoroz.com/the-dr-oz-show-coming-your-city.

Dr. Oz’s Toxic 10 Event Come dump the toxic item Dr. Oz wants out of your home. You may appear on the Dr. Oz show!

When: Wednesday, August 17, between 11 am – 1pm *Come at 10:15 to be a part of a special video message to Dr. Oz.

Where: Curtis Hixon Park- 400 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL

What to bring: Expired Medicationsprescription, over-the-counter, vitamins or supplements.

More info: If you’d like to be featured on camera please email DrOzInYourCity@zoco.com for more information or submit your story.

Wear bright, solid colors with no labels or logos.

Tell your friends!

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Make Your Fridge More Efficient

It’s summer in the way deep south, which means we frequently reach into our refrigerators for cold beverages to help us keep our cool. Refrigerators are responsible for approximately 14 percent of a home’s energy use, more than any other kitchen or cleaning appliance. Making your fridge more energy efficient is one easy way to conserve our resources – and your money.

  • Allow hot foods to cool before refrigerating or freezing.
  • A new ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator uses about 40 percent less energy than refrigerators sold in 2001.
  • Set your refrigerator temperature to 37-40 degrees and your freezer temperature between 0-5 degrees. A refrigerator colder than necessary uses up to 25 percent more energy.
  • Clean a refrigerator’s coils every six months. Dirty coils cause the refrigerator to use more energy. Brushing or vacuuming the coils can improve efficiency by as much as 30 percent.
  • Keep a full refrigerator. Your appliance doesn’t have to work as hard to keep food cold.
  • Check door seals to make sure they’re airtight. To test them, close the door on a dollar bill and try to pull it out. If the dollar slides out easily, you’re losing energy and money.


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Book Your Summer

In conjunction with First Lady Ann Scott’s recent announcement of the Summer Literacy Adventure, the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are encouraging students to head outdoors with a book from DOE’s Just Read, Florida! 2011 Recommended Summer Reading List.

Reading, indoors or outdoors, no matter the season, engages the imagination of both children and adults. Reading is also a green activity.

Woman on couch readingOnce produced, a book requires no additional resources to enhance its function. Books require no batteries, no chords, no chargers, no accessories, no electricity. Books do not require upgrades. Though sequels are sometimes produced, the original functions just fine without it.

Books require little maintenance. No fuel, oil, or hoses to refill, change or inspect.

Books are durable and can last under a bed for months, on a bookcase for decades, even centuries, and be just as functional as the day they were printed.

Books are easily shared. Books can be passed around to a multitude of friends and family members and still be read by yet another generation. Reading aloud is another green option for sharing a book with others, and doesn’t require downloading an app.

Books are portable. They fit easily into a beach bag, carry-on luggage, backpacks and pockets.

Reading is powered by the human mind, and during the long days of summer, reading light is provided by sunshine. The grass doesn’t get much greener.

Find more easy actions to stay cool and stay green this summer.

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National Marina Day

As fishermen and boaters, we understand the important role that marinas play in our lives.  Not only do they give us access to the state’s most valuable resource, they play an important role in our economy. The marine industries account for 200,000 jobs and an economic impact of more than $16 billion dollars a year.

In recognition of their importance, the Association of Marina Industries and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are celebrating Saturday, June 11 as National Marina Day.sail boat on calm water at sunset

Marinas across America are opening their doors to the public for one day to showcase their role as family friendly gateways to boating and fishing and to highlight the responsibilities they take on in protecting the environment. National Marina Day events in Florida:

  • Activities at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor in St. Augustine include a blindfolded dingy race, pirate invasion and a homemade sailboat race. Events start around lunchtime on Saturday.
  • Fernandina Harbor Marina in Fernandina Beach will host an open house from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Activities include a dockside boat show and their official designation ceremony for the Florida Clean Marina Program at 12 p.m.
  • Fishermen’s Village Yacht Basin in Punta Gorda, another Florida Clean Marina, is hosting 10 different boat clubs, offering free weekend dockage for the event and small boat sailing races.

Find more National Marina Day events in Florida.
Find Easy Actions boaters can take to protect our aquatic lifestyle.

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Smart Water

reuse storage tank

Reuse storage tank (Photo by Shanin Speas-Frost)

Hot, cold, boiled, frozen or steamed, fresh water tops our must-have list.  On average, Floridians use 6.7 billion gallons of fresh water daily. Each day we also produce billions of gallons of wastewater (showers, laundry, dishwashing and such), which we could just as well use again, particularly since our state is drought prone.

Fortunately, Florida is one of the most water-efficient states in the nation, with more than 420 reuse systems. According to DEP’s Reuse Inventory, in 2010 reclaimed water was used to irrigate 281,781 residences, 525 golf courses, 877 parks and 324 schools. More than 10,000 acres of citrus crops (mostly in central and southwest Florida) are irrigated with reclaimed water.

 Reusing water helps ensure that our Florida faucets continue to flow with fresh, clean water used for drinking, cooking, showering and washing the dishes. Besides, irrigation with reclaimed water costs less than fresh tap water. Another plus – reclaiming water instead of disposing of it in waterways helps protect water quality in bays and rivers.  

Contact your utility company or water management district to find out if reclaimed water is available in your area. If reclaimed water is not available, contact your local elected officials, city planners or water management district to learn about plans for water reuse.

The more water we reuse, the more we’ll have on tap for quenching our thirst, icing tea, steaming veggies and boiling shrimp.

Learn more about water reuse in Florida.
Florida Water Reuse Week, May 15-21
DEP’s Reuse Inventory

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Earth Day at the Capitol 2011

For the tenth year, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Environmental Education hosted Earth Day at the Capitol in Tallahassee. Area students who attended the event learned about our environment and some easy ways to protect it. At the Easy As One station, students learned how to pack a waste-free lunch and other easy actions kids can take to protect air and water quality, conserve water and reduce waste.

More than 200 students pledged to adopt one more habit to help protect the environment. Among the pledges: watch less TV; take shorter showers; tell parents about leaky faucets; plant a garden; plant a tree; pack a waste-free lunch; reuse or recycle plastic bags.

Learn more easy actions for kids that help protect the environment – on Earth Day and every day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Easy Numbers

I don’t trust numbers. I spent the whole fourth grade learning that division and multiplication are totally opposite operations only to discover that 10 x 1 = 10 and
10 ÷1 = 10. And zero throws all kinds of kinks in an equation. My checkbook never balances and I can’t figure out what percent daily value of nutrients I get from a cup of coffee. But even a mathphobe can find the positive in some numbers. The number of items collected through Easy As One events is one such number.

On Earth Day 2010, DEP launched Easy As One, a public awareness initiative to encourage citizens to adopt more sustainable habits that protect our air and water quality, conserve water and reduce waste. As of today, we’ve diverted tons of paper and electronics, beaucoup cell phones and chargers and truck loads of plastic bags, meds and ammunition from landfills.

Item Collected                      Amount Collected                           

Paper                                       73,400 pounds
Plastic retail bags                 40,980
Cell phones                            1,311
Cell phone chargers             1,512
Meds                                         33,100 bottles + 1,113 pounds + 383,483 pills
Ammunition                             645 pounds
Electronics                               74,232 pounds

Easy As One will continue to host events throughout the year and we hope you will continue your green efforts and expand your repertoire of easy actions that reduce waste, conserve water and protect air and water quality. Thank you to those who brought items we were collecting to our events. One simple action, like participating in Easy As One events, has lead to extraordinary results.

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