Easy Actions to Protect Water Quality

Water quality impacts each one of us. Discover easy actions you can take daily to make sure you are protecting your water.

  • Follow directions on fertilizer packaging. Using more fertilizer than necessary can cause pollution.
  • Recycle motor oil. A single quart of motor oil can contaminate thousands of gallons of fresh water.
  • Use less pesticide or go pesticide free. Pesticides can leach into our water supply.
  • Leave a buffer of dense native plants along streams, rivers and lakes to filter and slow run-off and prevent bank erosion. If the natural buffer has been cleared, replant.
  • Use Florida-friendly plants into your landscape. Plants suited to the area require less fertilizers and pesticides that could leach into drinking water.
  • Avoid planting trees too close to septic systems. As the trees grow, their roots can crack pipes and cause sewage leaks.
  • Do not flush medications down drains or toilets. How to dispose of unwanted medication.
  • Take recyclable batteries to household hazardous waste facilities. Car batteries can be turned in at many auto parts stores.
  • Take Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to household hazardous waste facility. Many retailers also have CFL take-back programs.
  • Pick up after your pets. Pet waste contains bacteria that contaminate waterways.
  • Use a funnel when filling your lawn mower or other gasoline-powered tools. The EPA reports that tens of millions of gallons of gasoline are spilled each year while refueling garden equipment.
  • When boating, use pumpout facilities and bring trash and recyclables back to the dock for disposal.
  • Keep litter out of the landscape.
  • Volunteer for coastal or other types of cleanups in your community.

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