Easy Actions

Anywhere and Everywhere
Reduce waste, protect air quality, conserve water and protect water quality…it sounds overwhelming. Think about this for some motivation…one drop per second from a leaky faucet wastes 2,700 gallons of water per year and an extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your car’s MPG by up to two percent. Repairing a leaky faucet or removing extra pounds from your car not only protect the environment, but also saves you money. Check out a few easy actions for your home that benefit your budget, your health and your planet.

On the Beach
Whether you’re a local who gets a daily dose of the coast, a seasonal resident, a weekend sun soaker or a once-a-year reveler, many easy actions you take ensure that your favorite beaches keep the natural characteristics that make them your favorite.

In the Garden
Whether you grow petunias in deck planters, chives on a windowsill, tomatoes and squash in a backyard garden, or oranges and strawberries for worldwide distribution, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and protect the environment. Check out these easy actions for gardeners.

In the Kitchen
Every year, each American throws out about 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that can be composted. In Florida, we could keep about 18 million pounds of waste out of our landfills each year if every cook in the kitchen reduced just one pound of kitchen waste a year for each household member. Take a look at these easy actions to help you be green in the kitchen.

On the Water 
Boating is one cool way to escape the heat. The Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, lakes, rivers and streams provide endless opportunities to catch a breeze, catch a nap or catch dinner. Florida’s one million registered boats provide a million opportunities for boaters to protect water quality and the quality of our aquatic lifestyle, both at the dock and on the water. Be sure to implement these easy actions while enjoying life on the water.

On the Road
Emissions from motor vehicles account for almost a third of the air pollution in the United States. Florida’s nearly 13 million licensed drivers have the opportunity to significantly lessen the impact of our road trips and daily commutes by adopting just one more easy-to-do green habit.Learn a few easy actions for when you’re behind the wheel.

In the Yard
According to a 2005 Environmental Science and Technology report, homeowners tend an estimated 40 million acres of turf. Lawn care products and services have become big business and Americans spend more than $30 billion each year on lawns. That’s some expensive grass. Fortunately, it’s easy to enjoy your lawn while protecting your budget as well as your environment. Before you head out for more gas for the lawnmower, find some easy actions to reduce your impact in the yard.

Summer Vacation
Memorial Day kicks off summer and summer is vacation time. Time to pack up, head out, cook out, sleep in or stay home and lounge about. But mostly, summertime is about staying cool. Fortunately, finding ways to stay cool and still stay green is easy.

Water Quality
Water quality is an issue that impacts each one of us. It is also an issue that everyone can play a vital role in. Discover easy actions you can take on a daily basis to make sure you are protecting Florida’s water. 

Do you know how to properly dispose of a CFL? What about proper disposal of batteries or old medicine? Find information on these and more easy actions that protect the environment, save you money and even protect your health.

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